EPISIVA is botanical skin care solution that when applied immediately after hair removal saturates the exposed base of hair follicle and begins the process of slowing down hair growth. It helps atrophy of hairs while having softening, refreshing and soothing activities, eliminating the drawbacks of depilation.

Bio-enzymatic plant compounds in EPISIVA reduce the growth of hair at the follicle. These plant extracts, weaken the hair bulb, thin the hair shaft and reduce number of hairs on the skin. Continued daily use will result in slower growth of hair as hair grows back thinner, finer and softer prior to the treatment.

Bio-enzymatic plant compounds inside Episiva are developed as a result of scientific studies by Laboratoires Serobiologiques SA France. Episiva incorporated these plant compounds in to the skin care products and developed cream and roll on forms.

The anti–re growth effect of bio-enzymatic plant compounds within Episiva is clinically tested & proven for efficacy.


The hair reducing effect of plant complex within EPISIVA have been clinically tested & proven for efficacy in The Laboratoires Serabioloqigues France and Sederma France.


The results of 8 weeks clinical trials, proved up to 48% decrease in number of hair and 36% decrease in hair growth speed and 60% decrease in hair removal frequency.

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