EPISIVA is botanical skin care solution that when applied immediately after hair removal, saturates the exposed base of the hair follicle and begins the process of slowing down hair growth. It helps the atrophy of hairs while having softening, refreshing and soothing activities, eliminating the drawbacks of depilation.

Bio-enzymatic plant compounds in EPISIVA inhibit the growth of hair at the follicle.

These plant extracts weaken the hair bulb, thin the hair shaft and reduce the number of hairs on the skin. Continued daily use will result in slower growth of hair as hair grows back thinner, finer and softer prior to the treatment eventually, the hair stops growing back. It also extends the period between depilation.

The Anti–regrowth effect of bio-enzymatic plant compounds within EPISIVA is clinically tested & proven for efficacy in France. The results of the 8 week clinical trials proved a 48 % decrease in the number of hairs and a 36 % decrease in hair growth speed and a %60 decrease in hair removal frequency.

Episiva is not a depilatory cream. Episiva reduces and thins hairs over a period of time by acting on the hair rooths and deactivating them.

EPISIVA can be applied to all types of skin. It is gentle enough to even use on sensitive skins.

  • The hair should be removed from the root by a preferred method, sugaring, waxing, tweezing. The depilated area should be thoroughly washed with soap as soap dries teh skin and helps EPISIVA to be absorbed easily.
  • Apply on dry and clean skin immediately after hair removal and massage until it’s completely absorbed.
  • Repeat applications every morning and night until hair is long enough to remove.

At the bottom of each hair follicle lies a structure called the papilla which is nourished by tiny blood vessels. The activity of papilla and the germinative cells of the bottom of the hair bulb encourage the growth of hairs.

Proteins,vitamins and minerals are carried to the hair follicle for hair growth by tiny blood vessels.

The bio-enzymatic plant compounds inside EPISIVA work by blocking the proteins,vitamins and minerals which feed the papilla.

When EPISIVA is allowed to reach the bottom of hair bulb in enough concentration and duration, it blocks proteins and minerals nourishing the papilla and has a genuine slowing-down role on hair growth.

Result; As hair follicles cease to be fed, the hair bulb weakens, hair shafts becomes thinner and number of hairs are reduced therefore a genuine slowing-down of hair growth is acheived.

EPISIVA is tested dermatologically. It is gentle enough to your skin.

When you rub EPISIVA in it goes below the surface to reduce hair growth with in the hair follicle itself. Continued daily use will result in slower growth of hair as hair grows back thinner, finer and softer than prior to the treatment; eventually, a great number of hairs are reduced.

It is advisable to remove the hair from the root for the best result. Note hair may be removed by shaving but if teh shaving method is chosen EPISIVA may take longer to be effective.

EPISIVA is more effective when hairs removed from the root as skin pores are open after hair removal, enabling EPISIVA to reach the hair bulb easily.

Yes you can. But it may take longer to be effective.

EPISIVA can be applied on face and all areas of the body. It is external use only.

Start appliying EPISIVA right after the hair has been removed. Repeat applications every morning and night before bed time until hair is long enough to remove.

Yes, EPISIVA should be used daily every morning and night for 6-8 months to achieve permanent result.

The results of the clinical tests proved that the active complex of EPISÍVA reduces the number of hairs on the skin, weakens the hair bulb and thins the hair shaft. For some people, it may take 8-12 weeks to achieve the visible results, however in others, some results may be visible as soon as 6-8 weeks. Depending on the thickness of hair and applied part of the body, after 6-8 months a serious reduction in hair number is noticed. The reason for the delayed effects because it also has to deal with dormant hairs which may not be present at the time of application. One third of hair is in the dormant stage which explains the time scale of 6-8 months. Hair has to grow before it can be inhibited. Individual results may vary.

Yes. Just wait for EPISIVA to dry before applying cosmetics or sunscreens.

EPISIVA is specifically developed to leave the skin smooth, radiant and healthy looking while having the anti –regrowth effectWith its silky texture EPISIVA penetrates easily into skin, helping it recover a smooth and satiny appearance. Its ultra rich, non-greasy formula glides on easily and absorbs quickly.

No need to use any other deo roll-on or deodorant before or after applying EPISIVA.

EPISIVA, using Hamamelis, Arnica, Hypercium, Menthol, Soy (Peptides),with their refreshing effect in soothing “inflammation” and diffusing blotches, helps the drawbacks associated with depilation.